Self Study Guide Workshop

This course is designed to guide you through the process of setting up a company from scratch. i.e. go through setup questions, importing opening balances etc. The example company we will be setting up is a demo company dataset which covers most areas you would need to when setting up your own site.

Download the Training Course Zip. (800Mb) Unzip this into a folder on your local drive.

This consists of the following:

1. Demo Videos on Each Module
This gives a good demonstration of each module and you should watch these. The videos are about 30 minutes each. In each section like CRM, eCommerce, Customer, Supplier etc. you can see/download these videos individually as well.

2. Training Course PDF.
The PDF consists of exercises to manually go through when setting up a new dataset. There is a video of each exercise in case you get stuck.

3. Training Course Exercise Videos.
There is a video to go with each exercise that is basically a demonstration going through what you should have done in the exercise. So if your stuck you can see how to do it. The section at the bottom of this page allows you to view these videos now as well.

4. Opening Balance Example Import Files
These are example import file to show the format and possible problems that can occur.

5. Logos and Images for Example Company

Of course there is no substitute for training, consultancy and implementation by one of our skilled implementors but this allows those of you who cannot afford or believe in training/consultancy to go through the implementation process.

We are not here to sell you on the benefits of training as you either believe in it or not. The more users you have though the more you should invest in proper training as the benefits are multiplied by the number of users. Mistakes or errors in setup can be costly in time. You may not be able to get the reports or information in a format you want which again is down to setup or implementation mistakes. You can of course use this course above and then come back for training should you need it.

We just want you to get value for money from the system and make use of the great feature set in Interprise Suite. Your then more likely to be a reference site and a positive promoter of Interprise.


Creating a company

Crm setup

Customer setup

Supplier setup

Inventory setup

Banking setup

Acconting setup

System manager

Process month end

Crm transactions

Customer transactions

Supplier transactions

Inventory transactions

Banking transactions

Accounting transactions and yr end

Report writer