Example Implementation

This is Subject to change based on user requirements. This is purely a guide as what can be done with the time and no guarantee of achieving what is listed in the time is implied. If you need more consultancy time to achieve the result then this is chargeable at the usual rates. It may be that some things take longer and others a shorter timescale. Each users requirements will be different.

Installation of software
Installation on server and client pc’s and setting up of Web services (if applicable)

Day 1 – System Manager

  • Am – Create live database and set parameters
  • Payment Terms, Shipping Methods, Multicurrency, User Roles, User Accounts.
  • You will need to know your nominal structure that is required at this point, the Default is similar to Sage L50. If the defaults are accepted there is no need to create financial statement layouts saving implementation time.
  • People Required – Finance manager.

Day 1 – Accounting

  • Pm – Accounting Preferences & Setup. Prepayments, Accruals, Journals, Bad Debt Write Off, Creating and Amending Nominal Accounts. Review Financial Reports – Profit & Loss and Balance Sheet and amending if needed.
  • People Required – Finance manager.

Day 2 – Inventory

  • Am – Inventory Preferences & Setup. Creating & Amending Inventory Items, warehouses, Stock Adjustments, Stock Take & Transfers. Inventory Reports.
  • People Required – Finance Manager & Warehouse Manager.

Day 2 – Supplier

  • Pm – Supplier preferences & Setup. Creating & Amending Supplier Accounts, Creating Requisitions, Orders, GRN’s & Bills. Auto generate purchase orders. Doing a supplier payment run and general day to day use of the supplier ledger. Supplier Reports.
  • People required – Finance Manager, Bought Ledger Dept – Purchase Order Processing Dept.

Day 3 – Customer

  • Am/ Pm – Customer Preferences & Setup. Creating & Amending Customer accounts, Creating Quotes, Orders, Invoices & RMA’s. Allocating stock for orders and confirming despatch. Drop Ship Orders, Posting & Allocating customer receipts & refunds. General day to day use of the customer ledger. Customer Reports.

Day 4 – Banking

  • Am – Banking Preferences & Setup. Creating & Amending Bank accounts. Bank payments & Receipts. Inter Account Transfers, Bank Reconciliation. Baking Reports
  • People Required – Finance Manager

Day 4 – Accounting

  • Pm – Review Accounting Multi Currency Revaluation, Stock Revaluation, VAT Return, Intrastat, EC Sales. Accounting Reports.
  • People Required – Finance manager.

Day 5 – CRM

  • Am – CRM Preferences & Setup. Creating & Amending Leads and Prospects. Creating Target Lists & Campaign Waves, Outbound calls & Opportunities and Logging Activities and Cases. Case Management. Email (Needs POP 3 account to connect to exchange)
  • People Required – Sales

Day 5 – Stationery Layouts

  • Pm – Amend Layouts as required.
  • Invoice, Picking Note, Purchase Order etc.
  • People Required – Consultant/Trainer

Day 6 – Export & Import data

  • Export data from existing system for editing, deleting obsolete Customers, Suppliers, Items etc. If this will be used as the live import ensure any new accounts created after export are added to the spreadsheet or manually entered into Interprise.
  • Export Customer, Supplier & Inventory headers. Transactions will be exported on the day of going live.
  • People Required – Consultant/Trainer

Day 7 & 8 – Go Live

  • Export Customer & Supplier Outstanding Balances from existing system and import (or enter manually).
  • Enter Nominal Opening Balances (Manual)
  • Enter Banking Opening Balance & Unpresented Items (Manual)
  • Enter Outstanding Sales & Purchase Orders (Manual)
  • People Required – Consultant/Trainer