No matter how good the product is, the training, consultancy and support received by a customer can have a major impact on a products successful implementation and user satisfaction. An investment in training or consultancy is usually beneficial and the more users you have the more this is true. If you can save a user time then this is multiplied by the number of users. Being taught how to operate the software and follow best procedures can save many man hours.

Check out our Customer Testimonials for quotes from our users about Interprise Suite as well as our service and support.

You have a few choices when implementing Interprise Suite. We have successful implementations using all 2 methods.

  • A Local Interprise Solutions Reseller – Our resellers are accredited and are usually skilled in implementing CRM, eCommerce and Accounting Software. We believe in building local relationships between a reseller and end user.
  • Implement the Software Yourselves – We have a Self Study Workshop course which goes through all the steps to implement a new company dataset. This has demo videos and exercises to follow. You need to have some experience to do this and you need to note that support is not a substitute for training. If you are on our support lines more than would be expected asking how to implement the software, we can only allow so much of this before we insist you take training.

If you want to see demonstration videos and screenshots you can look at the Product Information sections of the website. You can also use the links below to download Demo Videos to your PC and watch them offline. These are detailed 30-40 minute demo videos on each module. You should download them, unzip them and then run them from your computer. 

CRM Software Demo Video
eCommerce Software Demo Video
Accounting Software – Customer Module Demo Video
Accounting Software – System Manager Module Demo Video
Accounting Software – Supplier Module Demo Video
Accounting Software – Inventory Module Demo Video
Accounting Software – Banking Module Demo Video
Accounting Software – Accounting Module Demo Video