Sage 200

Sage Price Comparison
Please find below the relative costs and basic functionality between Sage 50, Sage 200 and Interprise Suite.

The cost of Interprise Suite is similar to Sage 50 but the feature set is comparable or better than Sage 200. The license cost and yearly costs are significantly less than Sage 200.

Are you an inbetweener? Interprise is aimed at the ‘inbetweener’ market – businesses that currently have Sage 50 (perhaps also QuickBooks, TAS, etc, and similar products at that level) where –

- you may use ACT or similar separate CRM, but are fed up with the synchronisation issues that happen from time to time, as well as being frustrated by a variety of things that they can’t do when accounts and CRM are dealt with by different pieces of software (like Target Lists for example, and being able to do eshots, etc out-of-the-box). Sage have given up on ACT selling it to Swiftpage.

- you would like to be able to access the system from outside the office, at home, reps on the road, from a different branch. Maybe even their accountant may want to access their system from their office. At the moment this would involve expensive terminal services or Citrix. With Interprise this functionality is out the box.

- you need to add more users but Sage 50 is creaking a bit at 5+. Sage 50 has record locking which means more users get waiting messages as they cannot access a customer account or item etc. you can hear a shout of “can you get out of the sale ledger” as an example by users. Interprise has field level concurrency and can handle many more users. Interprise uses SQL and is 1 – 100s of users, so no changing software again as you grow further, and needing to get data migrated, staff retrained, etc.

- you have the issue of having to regularly archive data because of the file limitations of Sage 50 (above 90K transactions it stops working and you get data corruption. NB that a single invoice could count as 3 transactions with debtor, vat and 1 sales nominal code split)

- you want to have some extra functionality, maybe they need to manage a second warehouse or lots of other things Sage 50 doesn’t do – whereas Interprise has similar (and in some areas greater) functionality to Sage 200 and other mid-market software. Sage 50 lacks Foreign currency for sales and purchases, better stock control, real time allocation of stock on order, order processing, drop ship, Intratsat, Batch/Serial trceability etc.

- you are now looking to sell online which would mean (since Sage has no eCommerce offering) getting some third-party web shop software that they then need to interface with Sage 50 in some way – whereas Interprise has its own eCommerce module that can be added which then fully integrates with the rest of Interprise in real-time.

- you think Mid market products like Sage 200 are too expensive and offer bad value for money. Mid Market systems cost 2-5 times the cost of Interprise and more for ongoing support.

The CRM module for both Sage 50 and 200 are products that were not written as modules so the look and feel are totally different and the integration is ok. Interprise CRM was written as a module specifically for Interprise so lead to prospect to customer are simple. Quote to Order is easy. Customer special prices, stock items etc are all there for quoting. Customer transaction history and orders are there for easy access. Target lists can be based on what people have been quoted or ordered before not just fields within the database.

Interprise Suite out the box will work on the Local Area Network or over the Internet using web services. To allow Sage 50 or 200 to be used by users at other branches, on the road or from home then you would need to deploy expensive terminal services or Citrix.

Interprise Suite out the box allows you to enter your logo and company name / address and all documents are updated with this information so you don’t have to edit the stationary layouts. Interprise Suite out the box allows you to email and fax documents. This is an add on for Sage 50 and 200.

User Training, Consultancy and Implementation costs for Sage 50 are about £2500, Sage 200 £10,000+ and Interprise Suite £3250. Most users need about 5 days but with Sage 200 you could need or will be quoted 18+.

Interprise Suite is the only solution with a standard module for eCommerce but all have the ability to link to other third party ecommerce shops using connectors as an add on.

In summary Interprise Suite offers great value for money. If you have outgrown Sage 50 then its an ideal proposition for those that don’t want to spend Sage 200 initial costs and then the mandatory yearly support and maintenance costs. Interprise is the product you are looking for.