Why Interprise Suite

Interprise Suite was designed for small to medium sized companies. We summarise below the main reasons why interprise is the product for you.

Integration & Features

Interprise Suite is a truly integrated system. It has fully integrated CRM Software or Customer Relationship Management, Accounting Software, ERP, Business Intelligence, Credit Control, Fax/Email of documents, Reports, Stock Control, Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Drop Ship, Banking, User roles etc. as Standard.

There are also many optional plugins that can added like Asset Management, Project Costing, Counter Sales, Multi Company Consolidation, Batch Serial Traceability, Links to Magento, eBay, Amazon etc.

Interprise Suite has One look and feel, One Business Logic and One database. The increase in productivity gained from a truly integrated system that covers all departments cannot be over sold. It is not disparate systems stuck together with a different look and feel and business logic.

More about properly integrated CRM.
Everyone else out there has an accounts system (like Sage 50, or QuickBooks, or TAS Books, etc) with some CRM product (like ACT or Goldmine, etc) – so they have two separate pieces of software with different look and feel, different databases so they have synchronisation issues, then they upgrade their accounts to find the CRM links don’t work anymore. We don’t have any of these issues. CRM is an integral part of Interprise, Leads, Prospects and Customers are all in the same database. This gives so much more functionality like – a) being able to do quotes to Prospects and Customers from the same product file (whereas usually Prospects are in CRM and the quote routine is in the accounts software) and see all opportunities in one place, convert quotes to orders with one click or b) create target lists based on any criteria you can imagine – for Leads in a particular area, or quotes to Prospects and Customers for some product where there’s an impending price increase, or Customers that have bought certain things from you, or maybe you want to identify Customers that haven’t bought other things you sell, or you’re about to release some new product or service which you know will be of interest to Customers that have bought X, Y, and Z from you before – then doing an eshot, or faxshot or mailshot or call list to this list straight out of Interprise. (we also have integration to Mailchimp to send large volumes of email).

Connectivity (LAN or WAN)

Interprise incorporates Smart Client technology or uses web services – providing the ability to access your system from anywhere, anytime with a normal Internet connection – your home broadband, wi-fi at a hotel or on the train, a broadband USB connection on the move etc – but without using a browser – so you see exactly the same application presented in the same user interface as if in the office – there’s no VPN, no Terminal Server, no Citrix. This is a simple (and cost-free) way to run Interprise on your own in-house LAN and provide access to remote workers and salespeople, as well as your accountant. The Smart Client also gives you the option to run Interprise as a completely hosted solution if preferred with any hosting provider you want to deal with.


Customers over time may change how they do things or need some plugin written to help them manage their business better. Interprise has what is called plugin architecture. What this means to you is that we can make changes or create plugins and these will work with new versions of the software and not break the existing version. With some other products a user would get stuck on the version they were on as upgrading them meant rewriting amendments which was not cost effective to do. The ability to have the system tailored to your exact requirements easily is a major issue with alot of systems. These changes can give you a competitive advantage. Check out some examples of our plugins.


See our Pricing. Interprise is aimed at companies that have outgrown entry level systems who don’t want to pay for mid market solutions but want mid market functionality and scaleability. The gap between entry level and mid market is what we call the inbetweener market place.

Lots of Happy Customers

See Our Customer Testimonials Section for quotes and comments from lots of happy customers.