XML Web Services

Although the internet has transformed the way many businesses operate – it still has a long way to go.

The ability to communicate via XML and utilise web services are two of the more exciting features of .NET technology for business. XML is defined as a standard in which data is passed directly from one application to another. While XML is responsible for “formatting” the data, web services are responsible for processing that data. Data is usually passed to / from a web service that retrieves the data, authenticates and decrypts (if needed) the data and then processes the data. As many of the existing .NET applications are simply converted visual basic applications they do not utilise XML and web services technology and would need to be a complete rewrite to do so.

As more companies begin to use XML and Web Services to provide services, Interprise Suite will be able to quickly add that functionality directly into the application. This also opens up the possibilities of being able to communicate with your customers and suppliers with a custom written web service to increase total operational efficiency.