SQL Server

SQL Client/Server

SQL Client / Server technology is considered the best technology for business applications. More scalable, reliable and robust than standard database technology (FoxPro, Access, etc.)

Interprise Suite is a Client / Server application optimised for Microsoft SQL server technology (SQL Server and SQL Express) and is divided in two parts – a “client application” and a “server application”. The client application is installed on each user’s workstation while the server portion is installed on the server. Unlike many “client/server” applications, the server portion of Interprise Suite utilises SQL stored procedures for its data processing. Since all data processing activities are safely processed on the server performance and scalability is increased, network traffic is reduced, and data corruption is eliminated. This key design foundation meant Interprise is suitable to work with SQL Express which is free and could work for up to a typical 10 user system.

Advanced Data Handling

Interprise Suite uses the advanced “disconnected data” process whereas data connections are immediately disconnected once the data has been retrieved. Compared to a “persistent connected” application the “disconnected data” approach dramatically improves the scalability and performance of client/server and n-tier systems. A “disconnected data” approach means that a server with many active remote clients does not have to allocate valuable resources to keep track of the “persistent connected” clients allowing the server to process more transactions faster. Because it is far more difficult to write applications for “Disconnected data” only the most expensive “Enterprise Class” software utilized it – until now.

  • Enhances the versatility of client/server and n-tier architectures
  • Can handle a multitude of concurrent transactions with less impact on the system
  • Enables greater scalability
  • Provides better speed and efficiency by reducing network traffic
  • Conserves valuable system resources
  • Provides maximum security for the databases

Advanced Data Concurrency

The ability for more than one user to interact with one data record at the same time is called “concurrency”. Typically concurrency is handled on a per record basis with one user overwriting another user’s change. Interprise Suite uses a more advanced method of concurrency called “field level concurrency”. in reality the last person to save over writes the data.

Interprise Suite can detect changes in data made by another user after a record was opened. If there were changes, it begins comparing the data “field-by- field”. If the system finds that the concurrent users have not edited the same fields (e.g. – user 1 edited the address while user 2 edited the phone number) then the data is automatically saved preserving both users changes. If concurrent users edit the same fields (both user 1 and user 2 edited the address) the system alerts the last person attempting to change the data. The user is then presented with a number of choices of how to handle their changes