N Tier Architecture

Nothing is more constant in business than change. As a company grows and expands it may become necessary to shift or scale up the technology.

Interprise Suite was built on “N-Tier” architecture: where “N” is the number of the distinct tiers the application is broken into. By breaking up the architecture into tiers each tier can be separated onto different computer systems distributing the processing load and increasing the scalability of the application.

The Interprise Suite architecture is composed of four main tiers (layers) each having specific functions.

  • Tier One – The Presentation Layer; provides the graphical user interface (GUI) for the end user into the application.
  • Tier Two – The Business Layer; processes the information between the Data Access Layer and Presentation Layer.
  • Tier Three – The Data Access Layer; is used to retrieve and pass data to and from the application.
  • Tier Four – The Data Source; is used to store and retrieve information.

In simple terms it will scale from one user to thousands should you grow that big. It can be run on one server or many sharing the demand for resources.