Hosting / Subscribed

The advantages of a hosted/subscribed solution are a user does not need to perform backups, have a server and associated licenses or support costs. They do however need an Internet connection. The more users you have at one site the better the bandwidth will need to be. Another advantage of hosted is that the cost is off balance sheet from a financial perspective but leasing a licensed product has the same result.

In Reality, most companies usually have a larger number of users at the head office than at branches or are mobile. Depending on the numbers the more users you have at the main site should mean that you host your own solution, i.e. have a local server, as bandwidth will affect performance and no internet connection will mean the bulk of the workforce doing nothing. An ideal situation is to have LAN access at the main site and allow remote users access via the Internet with no loss of functionality or compromise.

If you like the idea of hosting, you could as an option use any hosting company to host your server so they take care of the server and backups but you still buy the Interprise software license. This means that you are only paying for the server monthly which reduces your costs over time. You can move to another hosting company easily as you are not dependant on them for the accounting application as well as the hosting. The Interprise application and data can be moved to any other hosting company if they change prices or are not reliable.

A major negative point raised by users of companies that provide both the hosting and the CRM / Accounting application, is the ongoing costs get expensive (its like buying it every year!), they can and do up the price on you and drag their feet at renewal time. With Interprise you can have all the advantages of a hosted solution but none of the issues of being held over a barrel.

With Interprise Suite users will run a normal windows application that connects to their data via web services. Since the code is in the application and does not have to be downloaded with each new web page, Interprise Suite can run much faster than a browser-based solution. Additionally data compression has been built into the Interprise Suite web services compressing data to a fraction of its original size before sending it over the Internet further enhancing performance. We feel that this and many other factors will allow our product to compete favorably in the subscribed hosted application market.

Other offerings are mainly browser based which hurts useability or data entry. I.e. try entering 50 orders in a browser based application and compare the experience to a normal desktop application.