The Accounting Software Module briefly consists of Nominal Code Maintenance, Budgets, Segments, Journals, Prepayment & Accrual Routines, Bad Debt Provision Routine, Write Off Routine, Foreign Currency Revalue Routine, Stock Revaluation Routine, Period Based Accounting, Month End Routine, Prior Year Adjustments, Closed Period Journals, COGS options, EC Sales List, Intrastat, VAT Return, Chart of Account Profit & Loss, Balance Sheet and Trial Balance enquiry enquiry and drill down routines etc.


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Some features of Accounting. The PDF above is better as it also shows you images to go with each feature.

Chart of Accounts View
Allows you to see trial balance and defineable profit and loss and balance sheets with full drill down to groups and nominal transactions. This Month, This Month Last Year, This Month Budget, Year to Date Actual, Year to Date Last Year and Year to Date Budget.

Nominal Code or GL CodeBudgets to compare ActualsNominal Transaction Drill Down

Journals can be taxable or none taxable

Journal Templates by Percentage or Value

Prepayments & Accruals Wizard
A simpler routine to create prepayments for those of us who are not used to doing journals for
prepayments or accruals.

User Defineable & Easy Creation of Nominal Codes & Segments

Bad Debt Provision Routine

Write off Routine based on values.
Can be used to write off small values before a statement run.

Multi Currency Revaluation Routine.
This allows you to revalue debts and provision for potential and actual foreign currency loss or gains across customers, suppliers and bank accounts.Batch Posting Routine & Log.

Recurring Journal Routine

Stock Revaluation Routine
Allows you to prove the value of your stock and revalue it. Based on costing methods of FIFO,
Average or Standard costs. The system keeps track of all GRNS without confirmed costs and will use this to value stock in the absence of a confirmed or Billed cost.

Month End Wizard
This prompts a user to take relevant reports and postings.Period Based Accounting

Fully defineable periods.
Each period can be from a day to unlimited date range. Standard periods are Calendar. 4 weekly periods is easily accommodated. Periods ahead of the current period can be amended as required if your company changes its year end.

Audit Trial Enquiry

Prior Year Adjustments
This allows you to change last years figures, automatically changing the retained profit and brought forward balances, when you get them back from the accountant usually 3-6 months after the year end as been run.Closed Period Adjustments When a period end is run this is the only way to post back into a closed period. This is so we can see who and what was changed as this will affect reports all ready taken for month ends.

Automatic Cost of Goods Sold Postings (COGS)
Options to use default nominal accounts or By Customer, By Item, By Product Group, By Item or By
Product Group.

EC Sales ListIntrastat SSD Analysis

VAT ReturnHyperlink Drilldown on transactions

Grouping, Sorting by columns

Chose columns to display

Advanced search options

Ability to pick multiple items in search screens at once

Mouse and Keyboard Supported menu options

Report Previews, Report Writer & Wizard

Business Intelligence

Unlimited Companies

Multi Currency

Fax Integration out of the box (web service so no modems or set-up required)

Email Integration out of the box

Lowest Cost Routing for batch document production for Email/Fax/Print

Assigned To Filtering – My / List / Team / or All Options