Standard Modules

Interprise Suite is nothing less than a revolution in business software and Accounts Software applications. An entirely new application written from the ground up for today’s “internet” business world, Interprise Suite is designed to increase the operating efficiency and profitability of supply chain, distribution, ecommerce and other product related companies. Of course it will also cope with customers that just want financials and maybe CRM as well.

Built around the latest technology, Interprise Suite combines the ability to work over the internet like a browser with the rich user interface and superior performance of a traditional desktop application. The result is a program that gives your organization the power to operate without boundaries giving remote users and offices the ability to work together as if they are located in the main office.

Customizable, scalable, web service enabled, easy to install and use, Interprise Suite brings your organization together as a team no matter where in the world they are located.

General Features Across All Modules
•Integrated Business Processes
•Hyperlink Drilldown on transactions
•Grouping, Sorting by columns
•Chose columns to display
•Multiple Skins or Look and Feel
•User Roles, Access Rights, Tailorable Menus
•Advanced search options
•Ability to pick multiple items in search screens at once
•Mouse and Keyboard Supported menu options
•Customisable Workflow Menus
•Report Previews
•Report Writer & Wizard
•Business Intelligence
•Unlimited Companies
•Multi Currency
•Company Set-up Wizard with
•Import and Manual Entry Options
•Fax Integration out of the box(web service so no modems or set-up required)
•Email Integration out of the box
•Lowest Cost Routing for batch document production for Email/Fax/Print
•Assigned To Filtering -My / List / Team / or All Options
•Integrated Word Processor for Mail merge
•Alerts and Reminders

•ODBC Links
•Smart Client technology connect via the Internet or LAN
•Field Level concurrency for Multiple User environments
•Non Persistent Connection to the Server for greater scalability and performance i.e. not constant server chat
•Hosted or On Premises Deployment
•Native XML Application & Support Web Services
•Microsoft SQL Express or Full Blown SQL database options
•Plugin Amendability
•SDK Available
•N Tier Architecture
•Built on Microsoft .Net technology
•Advanced Data Dictionary for custom fields and tables

Please find below a list of Standard Modules in Interprise Suite. Click on one to see more details.