The Interprise eCommerce module can be used as a standalone webshop or as part of a fully integrated package. How much of the package you take advantage of is up to you.

As a fully integrated package it includes CRM, Accounting Software with full Sales Order Processing, Purchase Order Processing, Drop Ship, Stock Contol etc . It was designed for a small to medium sized business. It has alot of great eCommerce features that you would expect from an excellent eCommerce Shopping Cart.

Interprise eCommerce is great for B2B as it allows you to run the webshop locally or on a hosted server. When a customer logs in they get their special pricing, can pay on account terms etc. So its an ideal way to have a 24/7 sales person available for your existing customers. Customers can see their Outstanding and Historical Sales Orders, Outstanding and Historical Quotes. Whether they were created within the web shop by the customer or in the Interprise ERP system by a user. The Customer can reorder using Qty against orders/quotes or copy a whole order/quote to the cart. A Customer can produce their own Statement of Account and see their Outstanding and Historical Cases (Support tickets or problems) with Resolutions. The Customer can also create a new Case here. Click here for some screen shots.

For simple B2C operations its also a great webshop but for high volume pure B2C ecommerce businesses we would recommend having a separate webshop like Magento which can be hosted separately and orders, stock etc are synchronised between the systems using connectors like our eshop connect module. Click here to see information on the eShop Connect Module. Interprise can then be used as your backend order processing, stock, CRM and accounts system.


Demo Video – Watch in HD and Maximise the Screen or it may appear blurr

Ecommerce Mobile Skin

When a user goes to an Interprise eCommerce website depending on what device they have we can decide if they get the normal website or the mobile website. A mobile device has a limited screen so needs a simpler screen to be able to navigate around especially if you have lots of products. With mobile browsing accounting for nearly 50% of browsing now a mobile version of the shop is going to become more important.

So if the customer has an ipad or normal PC, Mac it will deliver the normal website. If they have an iphone, blackberry, android or Samsung device it will deliver the mobile site. Some simple code is placed in the site to differentiate the device.

Please find below some screen shots of the differences between the standard skin and the mobile version: