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Interprise Suite Accounting, CRM and Stock Software.
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Interprise consists of Accounting, CRM, Credit Control, Magento eCommerce integration, Fax, Email, Reports, Stock, Order Processing, Trade Counter etc. all with One look and feel, One Business Logic and One database. The increase in productivity gained from a truly integrated system that covers all departments cannot be over sold. Synchronisation is not Integration whatever our competitors say. Why Interprise Suite?

CRM Software, ERP Solution

Interprise Suite is nothing less than a revolution in business software applications, including CRM Software. An entirely new application written from the ground up for today’s “internet” business world, Interprise Suite is designed to increase the operating efficiency and profitability of supply chain, distribution, ecommerce and other product related companies. Of course it will also cope with customers that just want financials and maybe CRM as well.

Built around the latest technology, Interprise Suite combines the ability to work over the internet like a browser with the rich user interface and superior performance of a traditional desktop application. The result is a program that gives your organization the power to operate without boundaries giving remote users and offices the ability to work together as if they are located in the main office.

  • Why Interprise?


    CRM, Magento eCommerce, ERP
    Interprise Suite is CRM, Business Intelligence, Accounts, Credit Control, Magento eCommerce integration, Fax, Email, Reports, Stock, Order Processing, Trade Counter etc.

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  • Integrated CRM


    Interprise Suite works over the Local Area Network (LAN) or Internet out of the box. It is NOT a browser based application and has a proper Windows user interface.

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  • Amendable

    Interprise Suite is fully amendable and has a plug-in architecture. As a user this means you will not get stuck on an old version after having had amendments.

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Accounts Software

The accounting software that we offer here are Interprise Solutions is of the highest standard available in the market place today. The software elements such as CRM, Accounts, ecommerce, Stock, Order processing can be used either standalone or as part of an integrated package. The accounts software is intended for businesses which are small to medium in size. Interprise Suite has mid market features at entry level pricing.